What are the Los Angeles Panthers focus areas?

  • Technical: Dribbling/ball control, passing, receiving, shooting/striking and heading.
  • Position-specific: Master the unique skill needed at different position of the field. Making runs, clearing space, sending players through, shutting down an opponent and using angles.
  • Tactical: Understand the dynamics of play through numbers. 1v1, 2v2 and up to 11v11 drills including attacking, defending and ball movement.
  • Performance: Maximize speed and agility, build power, increase endurance, aerobic capacity and reduce chance of injury.
  • Competition: Speed of play, build ups, changing point of attack, team shape, applying pressure.
  • Mindset: Pre-match routines, preparation, manage emotions and address adversity.

What should I bring to Camp?

Suitable sneakers or soccer cleats, shin guards, water, and sun screen.

How much does a camp cost?

Camps vary depending on how long you stay and what program you choose! Each camp page has a pricing section which provides you real time pricing information. You can always reach our support staff by clicking here.

How many players attend a camp?

The number of players varies by each camp and time of year, you will always receive personalized training in small groups separated appropriately by age and ability. Please contact us for more details about the camp that you are considering to attend.