Spartans F.C. DBA Los Angeles Panthers

Spartans F.C.

Spartans Futbol Club a Non Profit Organization 501(c)(3) founded in 2008, the club offers the youth the opportunity to grow their self esteem and on the game with the support of the coaches, which motivate the players to improve their abilities in soccer in a club discipline environment. The players learn according their age the basic soccer knowledge and fundamentals, individual technique and team tactics. This Club is open for all the youth from 4 to 18 years of age that have the desire to improve themselves within the discipline of soccer, under the guidelines of Spartans F.C. and also their development within our society as role models and by being responsible with their education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide driven soccer players with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and technical ability of the game within the game. This develops players who can understand and execute effectively on and off the ball under pressure at game speed. In order to accomplish this, proper teaching in a healthy, competitive environment, using our innovative training methods.

Our Goal

To stand out in the competitive soccer world of Southern California, players who really want to success must be in a consistent training regimen based on a progressive model that combines the technical and fitness elements that make up the game of soccer.

High Level Training

At Spartans F.C., we know that soccer is a game of challenges. At any one time during a match, the speed, direction, personality and flow of the game are constantly changing. Players always find themselves in moments in games that recur time. To take advantage of these moments, players need to consistently train at a high level that gets progressively more difficult so they are prepared to be their best.