Youth Soccer


Los Angeles Panthers soccer academy is the ultimate choice for youth between 4 years to 18 years by focusing on players individual skills and developing team culture.

World-class youth soccer program to create a fun & unforgettable soccer experience in a safe environment.

Soccer Academy

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Summer Camp

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Winter Camp

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1 on 1 Training

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Innovative Training Methods


  • Making runs
  • Clearing space
  • Sending players through
  • Shutting down an opponent
  • Using angles


  • Speed of play
  • Build-ups
  • Changing point of attack
  • Team shape
  • Applying pressure


  • Dribbling/ball control
  • Passing
  • Receiving
  • Shooting/striking
  • Heading


Understand the dynamics of play through numbers. 1v1, 2v2 and up to 11v11 drills focusing on attacking, defending and ball movement


  • Maximize speed and agility
  • Build power
  • Increase endurance/aerobic capacity
  • Reduce chance of injury


  • Pre-match routines
  • Preparation
  • Manage emotions
  • Address adversity

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Los Angeles Panthers by far is the best soccer camp I've ever been to! Coaches are very knowledgeable and knew what they do.

- A.F.

Keeper training was awesome! I highly recommend the goalie training to any keeper to improve their skills.

- N.A.

Los Angeles Panthers is the ultimate destination for serious soccer players, with intense training sessions led by pro coaches!

- E.G.

A great experience! I highly recommend the soccer academy, it is a great balance of soccer, team building, and so much fun!

- H.A.